Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Beginning.....

by Helen MeShell*

Good day and hello to all! This is my first piece of writing on here, and I have my cousin to thank as she inspired me with a question she asked me in a Facebook message. The question was this: "I was wondering what you are doing to incorporate your peace and love philosophy into your own career/lifestyle?" I decided to use the response to this question as my first posting.

I'm sure there are many people out there with the same question. There are little things that we all can do in our own lives to spread this message as it is a great cause to spread the philosophies of peace and love through your actions in life. The world needs it. The Earth needs it, so remember to give her your love and gratitude as well! She will be happy for that as our connection to the earth will be a constant support to us throughout our lives. The concepts of peace and love, as with most everything in life, will continue to grow and expand into a much deeper understanding as you gain wisdom and experience through the lessons you learn and apply.

Understanding why you should "treat others as you would like to be treated" is the surface of it, and it goes to many other levels. Loving oneself is the most important love you can have. Loving everything about you, the "dark" and the "light" (I use the term "you" meaning the proverbial "you" that is everyone), the side of you that doesn't have the answers and is confused, the worry wart, the angry part of you, your smile, your laugh.  Love it all, accept it all. This is an ongoing process because, as you grow, you get to know who you are, and new discoveries happen.  When one does this, one is then capable of knowing their truth and speaking it and being it.....this is how I try to live my life, in my truth, and in knowing myself, which again is a life-long discovery.  This is, in my opinion, the foundation of true peace and love.  Because then you are not needing anything from another, or from material items. You are able to just be you and know when you need to speak up and how, and how to be that channel of love because you have found it within yourself. No matter what you may be doing, it is constantly radiating from you. Also, you are at peace and have a deep understanding of the nature of peace because you know that where you are in your life is exactly the place you are supposed to be.

Love and being loving come in many different forms. The journey is amazing and endless. Be gentle with yourself, be patient, try not to be afraid to make mistakes, as life is an experiment, and we are here to figure out what ingredients work. So put on your chef hat and start fine tuning your greatest meal. That is your life.

Enjoy it all,
Be true to you,
Helen MeShell*

Helen MeShell is an actress, mother, friend, and Aquarian Age light bearer. This is her first contribution to Kundalini Rose. We are honored to have her grace the pages of Kundalini Rose.

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